Memorial Books

We have a lovely range of Memorial Books to capture memories, signatures and personal messages for you to purchase if you would like. These memorial books are prepared in our office, and the details of your loved one, their family tree & birthplace, the service details, speakers, music and location of the funeral service are printed in the book. You have the option of choosing a book that has a 6″x4″ picture of your loved one on the front, and if you supply us with a digital image we will print out the photo to insert into the book. We supply these books to families we are providing funeral services for, and we also supply these books to anyone wishing to purchase them for a funeral service they may be organising through another funeral director.

For families we are providing a funeral service for, we include a Memorial Guest Register for every funeral service. These are printed on A4 shimmer card, with your loved ones name printed on the top, presented to you at the end of the Service. Guests sign their name and can leave a message of condolence for the family. This enables the family to have a record of who has attended the funeral service. It can be difficult to get around to talk to every guest so this ensures you are aware of every attendee. For those families who wish to send out thank you cards, a guest register is also helpful. We can upgrade your memorial guest register to a memorial book if you would prefer, it contains more detailing and is given to you in a velvet draw string bag and enclosed in a box for safe keeping.

Please contact us on Ph: 9308 2555 if you wish to purchase a memorial book, we have a varied range, some of which are not pictured here.